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  • Q. When will my skip arrive?
While we try to accommodate as far as preferred time, we can’t deliver all skips in the morning.
  • Q. Can I mix concrete with my load of soil?
No! the facilities that accept our Cleanfill/Hardfill will charge us a “sorting” fee to separate these. This cost is passed on to the customer.
  • Q. If I’m not finished with the bin, can i keep it longer?
Absolutely! if your skip has not already been allocated to another location then we can certainly accommodate so please let our office know well in advance of collection date. There  also an additional charge of $20 inc gst per day.
  • Q.Can greenwaste go in my general rubbish skip?
Yes you can.
  • Q.How full can I load my bin?
It is vitally important that a bin is not loaded past the height of the sides of the bin as this can make for an “insecure” load.
  • Q. How wide does my driveway need to be?
Your driveway needs to be 3 metres wide. Please also take into account overhanging trees or hedges that can limit visibility for our driver.
  •  Q.Can I Move The Bin?
NO!  Any damage done to the bin or property by a bin being moved will be the responsibility of the hirer. Bins pushed around by an excavator or digger will be damaged and the hirer will be responsible.
  • Q. Can the bin be turned around on my site.
No! We are happy to place a bin where there is access to the “low” end however for safety reasons we cannot turn the skip around. The bin is transported with the low end facing to the rear of the truck.

Driveways And Or Damage To Driveways

While we will take all care in delivering your bin, we can not be held responsible if your driveway is damaged as we can not have knowledge of the thickness or durability of your driveway. If under your direction, the driver causes damage to property, they will not be held responsible unless that damage results from their negligence of duty.
  •  Q.What Type Of Bin Do I Need?
General waste: Household rubbish, garden waste, building waste, domestic waste, wood, plastic, cardboard, office waste, furniture, household appliances etc.
NOTE: if you have large bulky items i.e sofa’s, beds etc then it is advised you order a 9m skip as the load can not be over the dimensions of the bin.
Hardfill waste: Bricks, rocks, concrete, soil, clay, sand, scoria, pebbles, stones, tarseal, asphalt, concrete roof tiles Mixed waste: General waste and Hardfill waste cannot be mixed. Please note if this is done then the bin will exceed the weight limit and further charges will apply.
  • Q. What to do with my old paint/paint containers?
Please refer to the following link.

Hazardous Waste And Prohibited Waste

The following cannot be placed into the bin

    • Chemicals
    • Asbestos
    • Batteries
    • Tyres
    • Polystyrene and or expanded foam
    • Liquids, oil, paint. chemicals etc
    • Gas cylinders
    • Bulk foods, glass, tiles
    • Ash
    • Tree stumps (that one man cannot lift)
    • Any hazardous or flammable waste

Important note:


It is absolutely essential that no asbestos be included in your load. Should any be found at the time of disposal, any procedures implemented and charged by the disposal facility will be passed onto the customer in full. Please remember it is your responsibility to provide written evidence to Easy Skips if required that any material in your load does not contained asbestos if suspected i.e Fibrelite.

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